Dolphin authorised representative will visit your house periodically to take the gas meter reading. He will prepare a bill after deducting previous gas meter reading to arrive at periodical gas consumption and forward it over to you for payment.

The Government declared subsidized rates will be applicable for supply of LPGas. These rates are subject to change from time to time as per the policies of the Government.

Dolphin Gas Systems Pvt. Ltd. Will charge a suitable service charge per period to period the service of uninterrupted supply of LPGas for 365 days.

Payment to be made immediately preferably by Local cheque payable to Dolphin Gas Systems Pvt. Ltd. Pune.

We do the gas refilling activity as per following.

Option – I

  1. DGSPL do the monthly gas refilling, gas billing by hand held electronic billing machines, payment collection and maintaining record.
  2. The gas rates would be as per rates declared by Oil PSU/ Central & state Govt. We charge monthly services charges to the gas activated flats.
  3. DGSPL maintain the complete system by doing an Annual Maintenance contract with society/ builder after completion of warranty period of one year.


  1. DGSPL will complete all formalities for cylinder supply through HPCL designated Dealer/ Distributor in local area
  2. Builder /society to collect Gas consumption charges from flat owners per month and make payment to Dealer /Distributor for supply of Gas @ MRP as per prevailing Government rates
  3. No service charge payable to DGSPL/Dealer.
  4. Dealer will supply Gas cylinder at site within 4 working days after receipt of advance payment.

We provide services such as guidance on inter-fuel conversion optimizing LPG usage and equipment suitability. We also offer value added services such as “Safety Audits”, “Guidance on attaining relevant statutory requirements”. We are also conducting training sessions on storage and safe handling of LPG.