The purpose of Dolphin LPG Reticulated system is to provide uninterrupted supply of LPG to the customers through meters. This amounts to a great convenience to the customer.

All the LPG cylinders are located in the cylinder cage at the Ground level ; effective factor of safety is increased to a great extent. (Cylinder is located outside the home) Also the possible damage to the floor and lift is eliminated.

The LPG system has 2 manifolds, out of which, one is the manifold in operation and the other is the stand by manifold. Both the manifolds have respective isolation valves situated at the top end for execution of change over operation.

The control system comprises of a filter first stage regulator, Slam Shut off valve, Safety relief valve, second stage regulators, pressure gauges and meters. The filter incoming gas passes through SLAM Shut Off Valve which protects against failure of first stage regulator beyond pressure of 1.2 Kg/ cm². In case of a failure of first stage regulator, Slam Shut Off Valve prevents passage of LPG with direct pressure going to the point of use. The Slam Shut Off Valve cuts off the supply of LPG in case of failure of first stage regulator.
Further to the fist stage regulator Additional provision of safety Relief Valve is made as an extra safety. In case of a very rare simultaneous failure of First stage regulator and slam shut off valve The safety relief valve operates and continuously exhausts gas to the atmosphere till such time as all the gas in the cylinders is exhausted, prevents gas to reach user point with direct pressure.

A non-return valve provision is made to the pipeline to prevent back flow of LPG.

LPG then travels through the risers and reaches the kitchen through isolation valve to the meter through a second stage regulator. The second stage regulator regulates the pressure to the extent of 280 mm of water column. A meter is provided for counting units in terms of meter cube of gas for actual consumption.

Main Components of Dolphin LPG Reticulated system

The main components of Dolphin LPG Reticulated system are as follows.

  • Gas Bank A
  • Isolation valve for Gas Bank A
  • Gas Bank B
  • Isolation valve for Gas Bank B.
  • Pressure gauge No. 1(range 0to 10kg/cm²)
  • Filter, Slam Shut Off Valve, First Stage Regulator and safety Relief Valve.
  • Pressure gauge No.2 (range 0 to 2.2kg/cm²)
  • Isolation Valve for Each Building Risers
  • Flame Arrestor
  • Isolation Valve inside the Kitchen.
  • Line regulator.
  • Meter
  • QT (Quarter Turn) isolation valve near appliances