What DGSPL Piped Gas Offer

  • Total system design.
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of the entire system.
  • Inspection and maintenance of the facility.
  • Assured continuous supply of LPG to the reticulated system through tie up with oil companies.
  • After sales service and support.
  • Hands on training to the residents.
  • 24-hour Emergency Service.
  • Continues supply of gas at the turn of tap.
  • Increased safety in kitchen as LPG enters the Flat / House at a very low pressure. Enhance safety, as cylinder is not stored inside the flat.
  • No cylinder handling in houses/ flats hence saving valuable space in kitchen
  • Easy and effortless operation with increased convenience.
  • Payment as per actual consumption of gas recorded in gas meters.
  • Elements cylinder refill booking by individual consumers.
  • No need to have an additional cylinder in the house thus enhances safety.


  • The system is designed to supply LPG through multiple pressure regulation stages, in order to reach user at a safe low pressure.
  • The system is equipped with UPSO/ OPSO valve thus minimize chance of LPG leakage.
  • As in Reticulated system as compare to conventional system in which high pressure cylinder is located in kitchen which is potential threat to human life and property is completely eliminated.

Safety Standard

System is designed to meet Indian safety standards applicable as bellow.

  • IS:6044(PART 1) as applicable to multi-cylinder installation
  • IS: 6044 (Part 2) and SMPV Rules 1981 for bulk storage installation

The unique features along with their benefits to the end customer.

Technically Correct Sizing of piping & equipments Ensures the required gas supply to individual flat in peak hour demand with required pressure. Ensures the total safety of system.
Design & suitable to Piped natural Gas system also. The pipe sizing is technically correct to suit the flow of natural gas also. After natural gas supply available in city, the same system can be used without changing the piping & metering system
Three-stage pressure regulation system, not two stage. Low-pressure gas enters the flat, so more safety gets ensured.
Auto changeover of cylinder banks with manual over ride mechanism. Automatically switches ON stand by  gas bank when active gas bank get empty, incase failure of auto changeover same can be achieved by manual valves to have trouble free operation
Under / Low pressure cut off system for the raisers. Ensures 100 % safety, as in a case of leakage in the vertical lines, gas supply of that vertical line get shuts off.
Under / Low pressure cut off system for individual flat. Ensures 100 % safety inside the flat, incase of leakage of rubber tube, the gas supply of individual flat gets cut off.
Over Pressure slam shut off valve with pressure release valve at manifold. Ensures 100% safety, as in a case of pressure increases at gas storage system shuts-off automatically.
Individual gas meters with MS powder coated enclosure boxes located inside kitchen. Maintains the aesthetics of flat. Provides protection to gas Meter
Commissioning valve at every flat  designed by DGSPL Get total safety for individual flat owner before handing over the system as well as at the time of partial hand over of system
Every job get inspected & approved by Third Party Inspection agency (Approved by C.C.O.E., Nagpur) Right from raw material to the final inspection, third party checks assures the quality of design, material, and workman ship to ensure the quality standards.
1 St Company nationally among all service provider to Provide Electronic Spot Billing to the consumer Customer gets the instant & Correct bill of gas. No delay in receiving the bills.